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Diversity in Business Resource Website Development Plan

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This is a living document that describes the specifications of the Diversity Business Registry being proposed by J2G's D&I Committee.

Why do we need to focus on D&I?

The 21st Century Olmsted County Report has great details about the reasons why Diversity and Inclusion should be a focus for Olmsted County. Though that report was published about a decade and half ago, many of the reasons such as workforce development, economic growth and demographics stated then are still valid now. 

 Among the several projects identified currently by the J2G D&I Committee, there is a notion of making available a diversity business resource registry to enable community leaders, business operators and community members to locate resources that give them information regarding diversity and inclusion.  

As we develop the website, we need to keep in mind the following:

1. Who are the users?

2. What information are they looking for?

3. What are the phases of this web project?  How do we ensure long-term sustainability?

4. Who owns the site? Who will contribute content? 

2. Who are the users?

2.1. Private Sector (Commerce)

Business Operators

Key questions:

1. What are the best practices - how other companies have successfully leveraged D & I?

2. What trainings/services are available for employers/managers can go to to get more training?

3. Where can I find diverse staff?

4. How do I expand my marketing reach to penetrate diverse/international customer base?

5. What must I do to be in compliance of D&I regulations?

6.  As a minority-owned business, what opportunities and support exist to help me expand? 






In addition to above.

1. How do I find cross-cultural funding for my new busines

2.2. Educators

1. Look up existing offerings of education services to determine what other programs can be offered to fill the training gap?

2.3. Workforce Development Nonprofits

 1. What industries are growing?

2. What skill sets are needed to meet that need?

3. What support structures are available for recruitment, screening, training and placement?

2.4. Community Leaders

Questions they can find answers on the site include:


searchicon What organizations have D/I touch points and what D/I projects are there?   

2.5. Project Funders

1. What are the burning issues in Diversity? 

2. What projects are in the pipeline? What stage are they in? How well are they doing? 

3. Who are working on these projects? 



2.6. Minority Groups

3. Site Owner

3.1. Content Providers

Information Source

People who know about some kind of diversity/inclusion best practices, assets


People who write about the assets


People who review the content and classify the content and push the content out


Use Case Diagram



4. Olmsted County Employment and Population Projects Through 2040

5. About J2G Diversity and Inclusion Committee

We are volunteers.

6. Collaborators

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